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Mehyar Sawas

Having earned a diploma from the Damascus Technical Institute of Applied Art, I have practiced as an artist, sculptor, designer, and painter in Damascus, Istanbul, and currently Austria.

Through my participation in exhibitions and symposiums, I strive to keep creating art and collaborate with other artists to keep bringing aesthetic to other people’s life.

I invite you to enjoy having a look at some of my artworks.

I will be glad to hear from you and answer your questions.

If you are interested in ordering your own artwork, please contact me directly on my contact information below.

The dynamics of the pieces make me wait for them to finish their movement and in some cases even to fear that they do. Partially I attribute this powerful effect to the materials used. The wire makes the sculptures seem flexible, changeable. What they are now seems to have required that they were different before. After having been burnt the usually colorful and soft isolation material looks rough and raw.

Katharina Hentsch

My Artworks

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  • Flucht ist nicht flüchtig, ZeMiT, Museum Ballhaus Imst, Österreich



  • Ausstellung in der Schule, ERG-Donaustadt, Wien, Österreich
  • Artwalk 18, SlowCraft, Wien, Österreich
  • Disconnect, Xevents UK, London, UK
  • The Sculptor of Damascus, Galerie Göttlicher, Krems, Österreich


  • Salon der Künste, Wien Museum, Wien, Österreich
  • Salon der Künste, looshaus, Wien, Österreich
  • Table of Plenty II, Gebietsbetreuungen Stadterneuerung, Wien, Österreich
  • The Sculptor of Damascus, Telluride Galerie, Tellurid, Colorado
  • Mo.ë Galerie-Auktion, Thelemangasse, Wien


  • ARTmART, Künstlerhaus, Wien, Österreich


  • Agafi Symposium, Meridien Hotel, Lattakia, Syrien
  • Soria Anti Alajmal symposium, Tartos Cornice, Tartos, Syrien, (Assistenzkünstler)
  • Damaskus citadel exhibition, Damaskus citadel, Damaskus, Syrien
  • Al Rabie Ausstellung, Al Riwaq Hall, Damaskus, Syrien


  • Al Shabab Symposium, Damaskus citadel, Damaskus, Syrien, (Assistenzkünstler)


The spectrum of human emotions fascinates me. What pushes us to keep moving forward? As humans we endure suffering and seek the comfort of others.
My artwork expresses an exploration of human emotions through my subconscious use of shaping, curves, edges, and textures, with which my aim is to create harmony for the eyes of the receiver.

Contact me

Gorianstraße 10, 5020 Salzburg